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From distrust to long-term cooperation

In 2020, a customer in the US contacted us after watching our products live broadcast. He is very interested in a set of magnetic false eyelashes and wants to buy this product from our company. But this client did not trust our company at first because he had never cooperated with our company. He was worried about the risks. So he want to buy samples from us first, and then decide whether to cooperate with us after receiving the samples.

After knowing the customer’s concerns, we understand him very well. Our company adheres to the principle of putting customers first, and we will try our best to meet any reasonable requirements of customers. We provide him with cases of our cooperation with other customers, photos and videos of our company environment, various export production qualifications and certificates. We also provide him with free samples according to his requirements, and only need him to bear the freight.

The customer was very satisfied after receiving the sample, and decided to cooperate with our company three days later. Since magnetic eyelashes are a new product, he not sure how much the market will demand. So the customer placed an order with our MOQ, and he didn’t ask for a custom service, opting for some of our existing lash styles.

Two months later, we received good news from the customer. He told us that our products are selling very well in the local market and he wants to increase the order quantity. Due to the large number of purchases by the customer this time, we suggest him do packaging customization and we provide packaging design services for him. The cost does not increase a lot, but the customized packaging will be good for the customer’s business.

Now, this customer’s sales have been steady. He orders several cabinets of magnetic eyelashes and other beauty products from our company every year.

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